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One of the hardest things in life is finding out that you lost a child. It is even harder living life from that moment on.

1 in 4 pregnancies will end in a loss. Our organization wants to let those affected and their families know they are not alone.


Our Mission


Emalyn’s Angels provides resources to bereaved parents after the loss of a child. The resources includes books and other written guides to cope with grief. We would also like to work on bringing more awareness to stillbirths and infant loss. We give an insight to the life of a bereaved parent with the blog page. We want to encourage parents to tell their story, as this can help with the grieving process.

 Once funding is available, Emalyn's Angels goal is to provide financial assistance to families in need of support for the unexpected burial expenses. This will allow parents time to focus on the grieving process and not the financial aspect. The funds will be paid directly to the service provider in the name of the parent(s).

We strive to show parents that are grieving from the loss of child that they are not alone. We want to create a community where bereaved parents can have a place to talk and give an outlet for any writings a bereaved parent would want to share to the community.